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Not talking,just doing !


Increase of affordable Accomodations

      - for low Income, Dissoccupied, Retired, Apprentices & Students is needed in Hannover !

 The SPD has promised for 2017 ca. 5.000 new social Accomodations , same fake like in 2011 the proposed Kita-Places, which still are missing !?!


Free use of Bus & Subway for Volunteers

     -  the increased Need of helping Volunteers, everywhere, should not burst due to the high costs a volunteer has to face !




Extensive increase of Child caring facilities for Hannover

     -  Alone raising parents and families with children have a legal right to get access to child caring places to increase the chances of a Job and stop the poverty of elderly tomorrow !





Increase the implementation of energy saving LED - technology in communal facilities !

     -  to reduce the spending of our Council, we need intensively to swicht over to energy saving LED technology in public buildings !




Set up a "Asyl-Housing-Teams"

     -  reduces the effective rental costs Hannover has to pay for asyl accomodation and prevents the mostly criminal contracts with not serious Owners!



Portable "City Trees" of moss for the city

The environmental project in Dresden is a world leader with mobile partitions made of a special foam, which can filter a total of as many pollutants and carbon monoxide from the air as 300 normal trees, plus there is solar powered, can be used as rest area, advertising space and even WiFi - Hotspot act and because it is mobile, are repeatedly placed in other districts, depending on where the air is heavily loaded.

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